In my pursuit for health and wellness, and to achieve homeostasis I reached a new milestone.
I am experiment “it” since May and it is going well thus far.
I decreased my recuperation time of muscle fatigue, balanced and equal distribution of my energy throughout the day, sleep deeper kind a like more intense but sleep actually an hour less without being tired, this is going great so far. I keep you updated.

What if there is an all natural supplementation to help our body fight free radical, decrease oxidative
stress (rusting of our cells). what if…
Don’t take anti oxidants – make anti oxidants.
Yes you read it correctly. What if there is something which allows our body to make our own antioxidants to fight free radicals and decrease oxidative stress. What if there are scientific proven studies ….

Nutrigenomics, a new science about how nutrition and genes interact. The root cause of aging.

This is possible due to research and some genius scientists, who worked for over 40 years on this.
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Our Body Is Built To Move.

latest news: (excerpts)
World renowned Cardiologists, chiropractors, breast cancer doctors. naturopathic doctors, neurosurgeons, and now the research doctors at Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic are promoting this product.

Oh wait.
‼️The National Institute of Aging – a division of the National Institute of Health, a government funded program, studied our #LittleYellowPill for TEN YEARS on THEIR DIME.
And what did they find?
That this product is THE ONLY natural product in the world 🌎 PROVEN to enhance LIFE and help create homeostasis!!!

Why didn’t they study Amway’s supplement? Or Herbalife’s? Or Nuskin? Or Plexus or the Halo watch or juice plus or essential oils how about ketones and I’m not picking on them. Just making a point.
Or why not any of the other thousands of Direct Sales supplements??
Or any of the thousands of supplements at stores across the country??

👉🏼 Because Nrf2 activation has been coined:
– Washington State University

This product is supported by American Heart Association, Ohio State University, Harvard University, University of Florida, Louisville, etc. Top 5 company in Forbes Magazine in 2016.

It was retail on shelves at GNC, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe and more – in thousands of stores in the U.S.!! Then in 2009 we took it off the shelves where it wasn’t selling and took it to direct marketing.

Great choice. In 3 years, sales went from less than $10 million a year to more than $200 million a year.
The story must be told. When you hear it, you’ll believe too.

Nrf2 is NOW SCIENCE. 👇🏼 look at the amount of independent studies being done . 23 independent studies with 9 patents on a natural product? 👇🏼

OUR BODY IS BUILT TO MOVE, now even longer and stronger. I am on my way to find out, thus far it works for me. proud to report that I do not and did not experience any side effects. (05.29) I am not expecting to, b/c this product is all natural with only 5 ingredients.

Our body is built to move!
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