Hey everybody, this is Uwe and I just want to share this with everyone, it is so compelling.
I know a few people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, do you?
What an incredible success story this is!! Purely by getting the body to activate itself again.
***Updated Testimonial ***
Quote: “Oh my goodness, I have to share my good news

For those that have been following my health journey, most of you know I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis March 2015 and it’s been a mission of mine in consultation with my Rheumatoid Arthritis specialist to get off medication by slowly reducing my’methotrexate’…my goal / plan is to be drug free by next Christmas… I’ve been taking Protandim now for 13 months and each month gets better and better.

I visited the Specialist last Wednesday and he sent me for an Ultrasound of my wrists as he was concerned there was inflammation that wouldn’t show in my blood tests, which by the way are all normal ✅- bloods show the disease is still in remission. Well I just received a letter from my specialist saying:

“You can further reduce your ‘methotrexate’ to 5mg per week for the next 2 months as if symptoms remain the same you can stop taking Methotrexate after that period of time YES!!! …so all going to plan I can be drug free by end July instead of Christmas Oh My Goodness happy dancing or what.

Feel free to share my story and journey and I’m happy to chat to anyone – I’m so excited…and forever grateful to Dr McCord for creating this Nrf2 activation product and my bestie for introducing me to the product, the friends I’ve met along the way and opportunity to share with others.” end quote.

Note: We make no claims to cure, prevent or treat any diseases, …only to reduce oxidative stress. The results are staggering.

I am happy to provide name and phone number of that person by request.