Food is Medicine b/c the food we eat is information for the whole body. I like to use the GIGO principle to describe what I mean. You know GIGO stands for garbage in – garbage out in the computer world. So more true when it comes to eating. Yes Food is Medicine!

Today I want to talk about meat.

Factory farmed animals vs organic, grass fed and/or pasture raised animals. 0:1  !                  (yes, I am a soccer guy)

The government doesn’t regulate what cattle are fed. The junk, toxins, hormones, and antibiotics that are legally added to livestock feed would make you throw up.

There are valid personal, religious, spiritual, ethical and environmental reasons to avoid meat. There are not, however, good scientific or health reasons to avoid good quality, organic, grass fed, sustainable raised meat.

Yes meat contains fat; saturated fat, omega 6 fats in corn fed feedlots ;-(, and omega 3 fats (yeah) in grass fed meat ;-).

But there is no link between saturated fat and heart disease as proven by many studies; one study done in 19 countries and with over 600,000 people. Another study of more than 135,000 people from 18 countries on 5 continents over 10 years found that consuming saturated fad lowered the risk of heart disease and death. Etc.

Quote by the President of the World Heart Federation who said: “ Contrary to the common beliefs, the current recommendations to reduce saturated fat have no scientific basis.”

Asked, what does cause heart disease? He said: “ Carbohydrates are probably the biggest culprit.”

What makes meat from sustainable raised animals so good:

The protein, amino acids (essential), B12, Vit. B, E & D, and all the minerals it contains. Better muscle gain and lean body mass than from a vegan diet. Due to our body does not have to convert the nutrients into a form our body can use, nutrients in meat are much more bioavailable. Further animal protein helps preserve muscle mass and reduces protein breakdown. Protein is required to maintain and built muscle. As we age we need more protein to prevent disease and death.

Humans have been eating meat for about as long as our species has existed. We evolved eating meat!

Yet we are what our meat is eating! That why look for Grass fed meat first, than organic certified meat and avoid meat from factory raised animals and limit processed meat.(avoid preservatives, fillers hfcs, etc., and look for products made from whole foods if you buy processed foods). Read the label, buy uncured, avoid burned meats, marinate meat, use fresh herbs and spices.

When you shop for grass fed meats look for certified products. Use these resources do find grass fed meat in your area. , , or are good resources.

Nutrigenomics is the science of nutrients and natural compounds and its effect on our genes. Want to know more about this subject than get in touch with me.

In the powerful ancient system of medicine Ayurveda, it’s roots are based in the belief that we are all born with a personal blueprint for optimal health.

Biohacking is taking control of our own genes in order to achieve a desired outcome. Interessted!!! just call/text me, I am here to assist and help finding answers you are looking for.

Food is Medicine!

Exercise is Medicine!

Our bodies are built to move!