Hello y’all!

I want to introduce my new food bars to you and let you know that they are available for purchase. I am making these different kind of simple yet delicious food bars with only a few ingredients. It is meant as a healthy snack between your major meals. Where food meets taste and nutrition! All ingredients are pronounceable. I am proud to say that I only use a few ingredients each time and they are always listed on the label. I do not use fillers; do not use stabilizers to extend shelve life or such at any time. Only quality ingredients. It should not be stored anyways. Buy as you go and eat as you go, but know you eat real food. My mom taught me the original Cashew Cranberry Cinnamon bar and I just added on new bars as I go. Loved by many – devoured by all. Currently we make Cashew Cranberry-; Almond Apricot Vanilla-; Spicy Nut and Mango-; Pecan Raisin Balsamico-; a nut free Citrus Bar. I will experiment with different taste groups, but always know and trust I use only a handful or so of ingredients and nothing else. If you have questions or you want to order just email (info@fitness4.net), call or text me. 512.413.9110.  Thank You!



We have new exercise class starting for groups and Individual training always  going on. I specialize in 50+ athletes, beginners, occasional’s or soon to be athletes. If interested just call me at 512.413.9110 and we will go from there. Thanks!

I just want to promote my sons Hoodie and T shirt collection. The hoodie is ultra soft and  has convenient front pockets and comes in various colors and sizes.  T-shirst are either cotton or similar to try fit material and available in different colors. Hoodie goes for $25 and the t-shirts sell for $15. Text or call me with any questions. By local and know where you buy from. A name you can trust. Thank You for your interest, questions, trust, and business.

Our bodies are built to move!

Be happy, stay healthy, eat well and say thank you!

Uwe 512.413.9110