About Fitness4

Uwe (pronounced U-VEH) is originally from Germany.

Uwe’s certifications and areas of expertise include:

  • Life Kinetik Trainer, Brain Training Exercise Specialsit
  • Personal Trainer CPT,
  • NASM certified Performance Enhancement Trainer (PES)
  • NASM certified Corrective Exercise Trainer (CES)
  • Non Contact Boxing Instructor
  • Experienced Group/ Class Instructor/Personal Trainer
  • TRX (Suspension) certified Trainer/Instructor
  • Sports specific training for the individual athlete or team
  • Functional Body Movements
  • Dynamax Medicine Ball Trainer, certified
  • Cooper certified Older Adults Trainer*
  • NASM certified Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Meditation Guidance Classes
  • Food and Fitness Coach
  • Health & Wellness Coach

His passion and motivation is to see positive physical and confidence changes in his clients.  When his clients achieve their goals and dreams, he achieves his too.

Uwe is dedicated to fitness and his children.  When Uwe is not leading, training physical fitness and non-contact boxing courses, Uwe is a dedicated father who enjoys promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle to his children.   Among one of his favorite family activities is skiing.

You can contact Uwe at info@fitness4.net or call: (512) 413-9110

*The Cooper Institute, Dallas, TX.