Training Schedule

New 1 on 1 Training starting now.

  • Each client will get one individual meeting with the trainer,
  • Assessment at the beginning and one at the 8, or 12 week interval.
  • We meet  at one of the many beautiful parks in our neighborhood, or your home.
  • No cookie cutter regimen, science based yet fun for all your senses
  • Activities are functional, challenging, fun and cover  mobility, strength, balance, flexibility
  • Exercise or Training Packages for the Corporate Client are available
  • Circle Training, timeless and effective group training
  • Group or individual Training for the independent Senior
  • It is about you, you are your most valuable possession,
  • Our bodies are built to move

All training sessions are available as 4, 8 and 12 week training periods.

Price per training session varies depending on the nature of the sessions, your goals, equipment used, frequency, location, etc. We will cover this at our initual meet.
Group classes prices vary as well, depending on special offers, time & frequency, nature of classes, locations, if you enroll for the monthly training period or join us once per month, etc.
We use DB, Body weight, Bands, Free weights, ropes, suspension gear, MB, or whatever is available at the location, this way it is fun and interesting.  Enroll now!!!
Meditation classes are available now in group or individual setting.

Individual session are (i.e. NC-Boxing, S A Q, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, HIIT, Meditation, Food Counseling, Life Kinetik, Senior Adult Training, Corporate training packages, etc)

contact us at or call: (512) 413-9110