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Food is Medicine, a documentary movie and the Bio Hacking Movement | Fitness4

This is a must see for everyone; an eye opening documentary about the state of our agriculture, its socio- economic impact on the environment and on our health. Very sad yet at the same time it gives me hope b/c everyone can do something about it and change his or her situation. This is 90 minutes long, so make it a movie night. You will be glad you did. 05.062018 UPDATE: I just found out that the author took the documentary down due to copyright violation. This is a must see video and it is on Netflix for sure and may be on Amazon (not sure on that thou). Go and locate it and watch it. Amazing story.

and then

watch this statement by a renowned Cardiologist about the latest technology when it comes to our heath and nutrition. Again this is what everyone can do to support his or her individual health situation. His expert information is 12 minutes long.

Thank You for watching and your feedback is highly welcomed.

Be active, be pro-active when it comes to your health!

Our body is built to move!