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Strategies to eat more Vegetables and as a result become healthier & happier! | Fitness4

Fitness is Food / Food is Fitness
As said in the title eating an abundance of vegetables can also make you happier. Studies show that eating lots of veggies makes us feel good, increases our happiness and sense of well being, beefs up our vitality & motivation, and get this even our curiosity and creativity. I call this instant gratification!?
And what better time to start than now, SUMMER, when there is an abundance of fresh produce available. Many studies recommend 3 – 6 cups of vegetables daily to gain optimal health benefits. If you are new to eating veggies, don’t let the recommendation scare you. Start with what you know and like. If you like asparagus and cauliflower great! Eat ’em daily. Then take a look and see our recommentations for expanding your veggie horizon.
Tips ‘n tricks from the pro’s: a little prep goes a long way. Hey just wash and cut in bite size pieces to eat raw, divide into small storage tubs and bring these when you are on the go! boom
or juice your favorite vegetable to drink as a snack! boom
Or prepare a large batch of roasted veggies and keep them in the fridge for days to eat as a veggie bowl with grains, or on top of a salad, for breakfast with a scrambled egg, or as a snack by itself. boom
Aim to eat a large salad with a variety of vegetable toppings daily. Not just the leafy stuff, salad can be shredded, chopped like cabbage, tomato, etc topped with peppers, nuts, mint, cilantro, fresh herbs, cucumbers, fresh shaved fennel (hmmm) and fresh fruits citrus or berries, or melons, etc. boom
You love pizza, well just load it up with vegetables as a topping after it is baked, add leafy greans and a citrus vinaigrette, voila.
How about your favorite smoothie? just with spinach or kale or collard greens and use frozen vegetables instead of ice, like cauliflower, peas, zucchini, etc or try Beet root, oven roasted or baked beets (maybe in a salt crust) peeled and chopped adds a sweetness to your smoothie and an interesting touch of color. boom
Vegetable cruditees, yep add an interesting sauce to vegetable sticks and boom your new favorite is created, i.e. celery root with blue cheese dip, or marinara sauce and roasted zucchini/ eggplant, or buffalo sauce to cauliflower, and of course all time favorites like hummus or pesto on vegetable noodles or lasagna, boom
Eat the veggies at breakfast to start your day best, like with a pure veggie juice, in your eggs, or in your pancakes or waffles, minced up it will be hard to know what is in the batter. boom

Serve your protein over a big plate full of greens and veggies marinated in your fave dressing. (tip: cut your protein in bite sized pieces before you top your plate.

Keep your pantry stocked with Sauerkraut (hey what can I say) or other fermented vegetables, they make easy no prep sides or snacks and are great as toppings on salads, or sandwiches, wraps.
Keep your freezer stocked with frozen vegetables so you’ll always have a quick and easy option on hand. Just heat and season with sea salt and a healthy fat like butter or coconut oil. boom

You see eating Vegetables every day is not as difficult as it may look. Matter of fact is, once you get in the habit, you may actually crave vegetables. (hmm). Maybe b/c they make you feel sooo good. Besides who doesn’t want to have a little more happiness and creativity in their lives? and all the other benefits which will show further down the road. Just be patient in this world of instant gratification. Know good things will take time!! boom

Uwe Wendel
Food & Fitness Coach
Our Body Is Built To Move!