Yes that is right, work out with us and you will get a refund at the end of our 10, 15 or 20 sessions exercise group class. Get fit and get paid while you exercise. How great is that. And we have a flexible work out schedule. read on…
You must sign up by August 3rd 2018 and attend all your sessions in order to receive money back. The reward is instant and it is for you and you only. WOW! I am so excited! Eya-bunga!!
Here is how it works. Choose your workout days by August 3rd. according to your time and work schedule.(important). Sign up and pay before your first session and then just show up with your best attitude and have fun.
We meet every Sunday at 7 PM* and every Monday & Tuesday at 7 PM*, every Wednesday at 6 AM* and every Thursday at 7 PM* at our outdoor location (park). Starting at August 5th* until September 20th*. The class will go for 50 minutes. Bring your mat, water, towel, and weights. After your last session you will receive a check from us, if you have not missed any sessions by reference of sign up sheet. We have options for you to make up any session or two you may not be able to attend. So don’t worry we got you covered. Just let us know beforehand. If something more serious happens than we work with you, don’t worry. We are here to make it work, make you feel better and save you money.
It is that simple.
Now here is the math for you with 20 sessions: 20 sessions for $9 each = $180. You earn $2 payback for ea session attended x 20 (sessions max) = $40), $180 – $40 = $140. That is $40 in your pocket and a healthier you. And you pay only $7 for a work out with one of the greatest trainers.(must attend 3 times per week)
If you do 15 sessions it looks like this: 15 session x 9.5 ea. = $142.5. You make $2 payback for ea session attended x 15 = $30. That is $30 for celebrating your achievements.
Here are the numbers if you do 10 sessions: 10 x $10 each = $100. You make $2 payback for ea session attended x 10 (max. sessions) = $20. That means $20 goes to you for being healthy. wow!
Eya-bunga! I’d say: Let’s get ready and sign up now.

Remember to sign up and pay by latest August 3rd, 2018

Best before New Year Resolution Start, EVER. Bring it on 2019 – I am ready! Thanks to
Work Out – Break a Sweat – Feel Great and GET PAID!!!!

*time/days may change due to scheduling issues / change as necessary based on demand. Thanks!