This is a true story by J. S.: “This post is for all the “good doctors” who just didn’t know, that handed me pills like chemo pills, and steroids and more and said “You will be sick in bed, in a wheel chair in your 40s if you don’t take them!
I’m obviously not a very good listener😂😂😂

I get asked all the time “what have You done to stay so healthy and active”.

My answer “I have put my health first! I have sacrificed some things to make sure I had the healthiest body possible! My health has come before fancy clothes, jewelry, cute nails, new shoes, movies out, home decorations and more! Was it worth it? Of course❗️❗️❗️
At 5 bucks a day I now have completely #biohacked my health and no longer have nightmares of what my future may look like!

Here is some info about just one of the products that I have taken faithfully now for 4 years! I have since added #nrf1 #omegas #probiotics and magnesium to my regime! That’s it! No vitamin pills or antioxidants etc!

— what if I’m already taking the ingredients in The #littleyellowpill by themselves? Or …what if I’m already taking antioxidant supplements?

The answer is – you’re still not getting the benefit of taking the #littleyellowpill

-its NOT an antioxidant
-Its NOT a supplement

Its a Nrf2 Activator, a SYNERGY made from 5 botanical ingredients used for thousands of years – and it is the most therapeutic Nrf2 activator on the market. A major drug company has already tried to create a synthetic version, and in trials, the #littleyelowpill BLEW IT AWAY. What does that mean???

Well – the Nrf2 pathway has been called the guardian of our lifespan, and for good reason.

It acts like a dimmer switch for the body – turning up good enzymes and turning down bad. There is NOTHING ELSE like it. NOTHING.

23 Peer reviewed studies, all by major institutions. Guaranteed to reduce oxidative stress by 70%. The only supplement proven to increase lifespan.

This is why major institutions such as WSU LSU – Colorado – VCU – NIH – NIA – AHA -Mayo Clinic – and more have all funded their own studies💊🔬 ” end quote.

I am able to provide the persons name and if you are serious and express the wish I can arrange a meeting with that person.
I like the post because I do very similar things and it works for me, too.
This is no magic just good research and fantastic scientific work by great people.

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