We can’t stop the aging process, but we can influence how well we age. The choices we make about the foods we eat or the activities we engage in will significantly affect how we age.

There are different Aging Concepts:

  • Primary Aging: “The innate process of maturation and subsequent decline which occurs in the body’s cells and physiological systems throughout the life span that makes the organism more susceptible to disease, injury and death.” Basically your genetics define this. This accounts for one third of your aging process.
  • Secondary Aging: “Age-related deteriorations that result from lifestyle behaviors (physical activity, nutrition, tobacco, alcohol), disease processes (diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease), environment (exposure to toxins, air pollution, UV radiation), injury and illness.” This counts for the remaining two thirds of your aging process.
  • Chronological Aging: “The number of years a person has been alive. Your chronological age.”
  • Usual Aging: “Describes how the majority of individuals in today’s society “usually” or “typically” age.”
  • Successful Aging: “Based on research by Rowe and Kahn, this is defined by the ability to maintain a low risk of disease and disease-related disability; high mental and physical function; and active engagement with life.”
  • Active Aging: “A concept that encourages individuals to be “engaged in life” as fully as possible despite health status, disease conditions or socioeconomic status. It recognizes the importance of each of the seven dimensions of wellness – physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, environmental, vocational, social – to the overall well-being of an aging individual.”

The textbook definition of Functional Aging is “a combination of the chronological, physiological, mental, and emotional ages.”

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