…the more we move, the better we live. Even a few minutes of exercise is better than sitting still. These are words you think coming from a fitness expert, like me, but wait, they are actually coming from the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee as well. Their findings and research is used by the Department of Health and Human Services and was released in 2018. The committee concluded that we are still an inactive Society. Boom!!! 

Several key findings in the new report are: Exercise improves depression management, Exercise helps us sleep better, is vital for weight control, balance, and any amount of structured exercise improves quality of live.(with a guiding hand of an expert it saves you time) Exercise is needed at any age, from child age to the elderly. Actually exercise is a must the older we get. We have the tools and knowledge to help.

Key components of the physical guidelines by the committee.

1) muscle strengthening

2) aerobic exercise

3) balance training

4) stretching

  1. mindfulness & relaxation
  2. kids & youth activities
  3. older adults activities

Lifestyle choices have a significant impact on quality and length of life. We are helping people remain active and engaged from their 50.s into their 90.s and beyond. We are not offering ineffective diets or ask you to go and buy this diet or that diet. What we offer is natural and will change you, if you allow it.

A commitment to physical activity, good nutrition and other healthy choices may modulate the expression of the genetic code.

A simple way of understanding this relationship is the following statement: A persons genes determine what might be, but lifestyle choices determines what the person actually becomes.

We have the tools, the means and the knowledge and if you allow us we will be on your side as you start this new chapter in your life permanently. Successfully changing what doesn’t work with what does. Call us for a free informal but confidential evaluation. Your health is my priority!

Our bodies are built to move!



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