A Fitness program for people who need/want to change something.
No magic numbers just the code to unlock your fitness. Numbers which will work for you. I am serious; just show up every time and it will transform you, guaranteed!!! No gym needed, no membership needed, no equipment needed, to start you off we just need 30 minutes a day.
This program gets you started to a healthier, happier life. This program is geared to kick start/ change your physical ability, and intrigues you to get going. After that program you will be able to go on your own if you want. (but we are always here to assist, help)
Let me explain how it works: this program runs 4 weeks, 5 days a week, 20 group sessions, we meet outdoors every day for 30 min. You will receive qualified, certified instructions, and tips that last a lifetime.

This program will leave you equipped to make your own sensible exercise routine. (again help is always there for you if needed) You will receive hands on explanations and guidance. The program consists of 4 phases: The Beginning (focus on your state of mind, focus on NOW, benefits of exercising, cardio (always cardio, having fun with physical movements); b/ Functional Strength (cardio, muscle strength, core strength, balance, etc.); c/ How to use available natural resistance for exercise ( resistance training, calisthenics/ plyo, cardio and strength ) and d/ A bring it all together phase and how to make it work for you, plus a word about nutrition.
This is the one investment of your money where you directly benefit from it. No waiting period, etc. You invest in yourself, for yourself and about yourself. It is about your dream , your goal, your possibilities!
We start July first and end July 26/27th. A month of change is ahead of you. Only $120 as a special intro price to you. Sign up by June 22nd and receive an additional $20 discount. (schedule and dates may chance,))
30 – 5 – 4 the code to unlock your fitness
This program is for you.
sign up by email: info@fitness4.net
call/text to 512.413.9110. Sign up today
Also available as a gift voucher for your special one, for a friend or someone you want to help. ( 100% refunded if you have to cancel before program starts)
Our body is built to move!
Uwe Wendel, Program Organizer/Trainer